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With our exam training courses and summaries, we at Sophistès help students at the VU, UVA and Erasmus. Our tutoring courses are based on the content of the summaries we sell through this website. Our summaries are a unique opportunity to prepare for your finals or midterms in an accessible way.

Checked and elaborated summaries

No one makes their summaries as good as Sophistès Summaries. That's quite a bold statement, we know. Yet, we stand by it. This is due to the fact that we use the summaries as the fundament for our course. So every course that is given is an extra check to make sure there are no mistakes in it. Moreover, we work in a very structured way. That's how we're able to correct everything quickly when the curriculum changes.

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Would you still prefer to take a training for your exam? Then you get the money you've paid for your summary back. So it is never too late to join the tutoring sessions. And whether you study at the UVA, VU or Erasmus University, Sophistès is there for you with professional tutors and an enthusiastic, hard-working team.

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  • Sophistès also offers training courses, such as crash courses or weekly tutoring
  • Go through all important material in ± 15 hours
  • 24/7 possibility to ask questions to your tutor
  • Possibility to buy recordings
  • Free trial lessons for everyone

Member of a study association? Than you're lucky.

Aureus - BA, EBE & IBA (VU)

Aureus is the study association for SBE students at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This includes Business Administration, International Business Administration and Economics and Business Economics. Sophistès has a partnership with Aureus. Because of this, members of Aureus get a discount at Sophistès.

Kraket - EOR & EOS (VU)

Kraket is there for the Econometrics students at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This includes Econometrics and Operations Research. Kraket organizes drinks and business events for its members. Sophistès is thankful for the partnership with Kraket. Just like with Aureus, members of Kraket get a discount when buying Sophistès products.


And then there is SABA. SABA is the official study association of Business Analytics students at VU University Amsterdam. In Business Analytics you harness the power of data science, big data, statistics and machine learning to improve the results of companies/organizations in general. Members of the study association SABA get a discount when buying Sophistès products.

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