That’s a good question, and one we get often. Many students who take a course at Sophistès pass the exam. This is because we design our summaries in such a way that you practice exactly what you are asked to do during the exam. So make sure that you have a good understanding of what the exam assignments entail. Because, if you can do the assignments in this summaries, you can also do them during your exam. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will pass your exam. But preparing for your exam with Sophistès makes the chance of passing it extremely large!

Yes. Our summaries remain for sale. So feel free to order it if you notice that you have to do a retake. But of course you can also pass your exam in one go by ordering in advance!

If you ordered a Paper summary version, it will be sent to you as soon as possible. Did you order a Digital summary version? Then you can find it in your account under “View summaries”.

Our summary is checked every academic year to update any changes in the curriculum for the summary. If you still discover an error (or think you have discovered an error), please send an email by clicking here.


No, that is not necessary. When you take a course, you always get a free summary. With that summary we will go through all the material. Together with you. So if you plan to take a course, you don’t have to order a summary at Sophistès Summaries. Instead, go to this website.

A digital summary is a digital file that can be viewed via your Sophistès Summaries account. To prevent copyright infringement, because we want to protect the material that our beloved students make, we have decided not to make these kinds of files available for download. 

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