Sophistès Summaries is the department of Sophistès that’s responsible for our summaries. Based on these summaries, you can practice with all important exam material yourself, or follow a course in which this material is practiced together with you.

About Sophistès and how we work

We are a tutoring organization that has been active at VU University Amsterdam and other national universities since 2017. We help you prepare for your exams in an easy way. We work with an intuitive, consistent summary that contains the important theory and exam assignments. By going through these, together with your teacher, you will be prepared for the exam in a very short time. Of course you can also choose to study for the exam at your own pace. You can do so by only buying a summary at Sophistès Summaries.

What can Sophistès do for me?

Of course, we like helping you to get on track with the courses you follow. That is our main priority. If you have difficulties with a specific, you can come to us for tutoring sessions or separate summaries. But even if you have high grades, we can offer you help. We are always looking for smart (ex-)students who want to independently give a course for fellow students, using our course materials. Did you finish a course with a good grade? Let’s get to know each other. Do you want to get in touch? Then go to the contact page. 

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